Free Robotics Workshops:

We have established a Robotics education system.

We can set up a one-day robotic workshop for children.

– The workshop will be for free.

– The language can be English and Polish.

– Course length: A 3-hours session (1 hour of theory for teaching the basics+ 2 hours of practice for skill development).

– The purpose of the workshop is to provide an introduction to the knowledge of robotics and related sciences. We try to develop the creativity and talent in participants.

– The aim and output of the workshop is to make robot mechanical arms with 3 degrees of freedom.

– The best age range of participants is 7-12 Y. O.

– Date and place is flexible. Our best proposed date and place is 1-10 Feb 2019 in the school or in the office.

– We will provide all the required materials, equipments and professional staff for free.

– We have no limit for the number of participants, but it is better to have a rough estimate of the potential participants.

– You can check out the workshop details in our website with the following address:

Please send your request to us: